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How to strengthen your brand recognition

How to strengthen your brand recognition.


Every business owner knows that brand recognition has incredible power, it means that people can recognise your business, what you do and how you can help them, without them needing to be told anymore. Strong brand recognition takes times to build, anyone that expects to have brand recognition overnight is fooling themselves, but when it does happen, when the hard work pays off, when people start to recognise your business just from your branding, your colours, your logo, your style, your tag line, then you know that all the time and effort you have poured into it have been worth it.


What exactly is brand recognition?

When you are driving through a busy town or down the motorway and you see a large yellow ‘m’ in the distance, do you automatically know there is a McDonalds nearby, or do you need to be told?

When you see the tick on the side or trainers or the slogan ‘Just do it’ on a t-shirt, do you know it is Nike or do you need to be told?

When you see the apple logo on the back of a phone or laptop, do you just assume it is a fun sticker or do you know that it is an Apple product?

When someone tells you that they bought something on Amazon, do you know what that is? Do you understand that Amazon is an online shopping platform or do you need to ask them about it and get them to explain it to you?


I’m guessing that like most people you know exactly what all of those things are, plus hundreds of other brands, without needing to be constantly reminded or told. Over time you became familiar with the company, with its name, its logo, its slogans, its colours and its overall branding, even if you didn’t know what branding was. You became able to recognise a make, a brand, a company, just from a few small things because these companies used clever marketing and brand recognition strategies. But how on earth can you increase your own brand recognition without shouting about it 24/7?


Bespoke branded items

An important part of increasing your brand recognition is getting visible. Being in front of not only your ideal client but as many other people as possible as often possible. But you can’t be everywhere at once, you can’t tell and show everyone your brand all of the time, so how can you create that recognition?


One of the easiest ways is by using a variety of branded products. These can be everyday items that you have with you as you go about your day or they could be props that you use in photos and videos. They could even be items that you send out to customers and staff members as thank you gifts.


T-shirts and hoodies are great for creating branded items that you can wear out and about on a regular basis helping you to increase your brand awareness with the people that are around you.




Branded notebooks are great for using at meetings or networking events, they can have your logo as well as your business name on and these are also great for sending out as thank you gifts to staff or customers and can continue to help your branding reach further afield.


Branded water bottles are another great way of having your company brand in plain sight without it being pushy. It is easy for a branded water bottle to be in the background of a picture or video that you then use across your social media platforms or other marketing mediums. As we constantly strive to be healthier, they are another great way to get your branding into the hands of your staff or customers in a useable format that can also be seen by others.





A branded mobile phone case is another great option. When was the last time you left the house without your mobile? I bet you would struggle to remember, and the time you left it at home by accident doesn’t count. We take our mobile phones everywhere with us and that back cover is prime real estate, so rather than letting it go to waste get a bespoke branded case made up and start using that.


Is it really that easy?

No. Harsh, but true. Brand recognition is not easy to achieve, but with time and effort you can definitely start to make an impact and with consistent branding and consistent use you can increase not only your visibility but also you brand recognition. If you haven’t seen exactly the right product yet on our site then just send us a message and we can talk about what you need and how we can help: ekantikadesigns@gmail.com

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