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Celebration of Raksha Bandhan

Family are often the ones that we turn to in our hour of need, we lean on them for support and guidance when we are going through tough times and we celebrate the various joys of life with them. As we continue to navigate a changed world and we start to venture out again and begin to enjoy the things and the people we have missed so much these last 18 months it seems fitting that we are moving into the time of Raksha Bandhan, a time to celebrate family and more specifically the bond between brother and sister.


Raksha Bandhan is traditionally celebrated within the Hindu faith. Hinduism is the worlds third largest religion and its roots can be traced back over 4000 years. The traditional celebration of Raksha Bandhan sees sisters tie a Rakhi on the wrists of their brothers. The Rakhi is to ward off evil and provide protection to the brother, who in return promises to protect their sister and keep them safe.

The date of Raksha Bandhan varies and this year is on 22nd August, this date will see many following the traditional ceremonies and exchanging gifts. The traditional Rakhi are hand woven bracelets made of fine interwoven threads, usually gold and red, and adorned with semi-precious stones.

As with many religions, although the tradition and ceremony remain an integral and sacred act, there has been some modernisation. Gifts can be given to those who are seen and treated as brothers, but who may not be related, and alongside the giving of Rakhi is now a wide range of gifts. Looking for a gift that has a very personal meaning and will be loved and cherished is not always easy to achieve but here at Ekantika Designs we have everything you might need.


Gifts for Him

Personalised case – from phones to passports to tablets, all of our cases can be personalised with pictures or messages to make a unique and thoughtful gift.

Water bottles – these always make a great addition to any gym bag and once personalised they make the perfect gift for the gym goer in your life.


Clothing – with the option to personalise t-shirts, hoodies, and vests you really can find something for that special man in your life.

Gifts for Her

Candles – take a look at our extensive range showing the customisation we have previously done and allow that to inspire you, we can add pictures or messages of your choice.

Purses and Bags – we have an extensive range of bags in different sizes to suit different styles and needs, all you need to do is decide on the best way to personalise it.



Decorative bottles – if you are looking for something a little different then why not check out of decorative light up bottles. Filled with fairy lights to create a beautiful effect you can customise the design.

Plus, lots more to look at on our website.

Giving a gift brings joy

Gift giving has benefits beyond the obvious ones of following societal norms or doing what we think we ‘should’, in fact there are benefits for both the giver and the receiver:

  • Build stronger connections with the person giving/receiving the gift. Gifts are often a sign of friendship, love, and respect and can help to deepen and strengthen those connections.
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing from the release of endorphins that may be triggered when you give/receive gifts.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels as a result of the mood boosting hormones that can be released during periods of happiness which can result from giving/receiving gifts.
  • Boost confidence and feelings of love from giving a thoughtful and unique gift to someone that will then be cherished.
  • Whilst we may normally think about giving gifts only at certain times of the year, like birthdays and religious festivals, there is nothing nicer than a gift out of the blue simply because someone is thinking about you. This is the gift that truly lights a person up.

Gift buying can be a stressful time though. Sometimes it can be left too late and then you are rushing to find something in time.  Other times you simply just can not find that right item no matter how hard you look and how many shops you go in. This is where our bespoke and personalised items can be exactly what you need and can take the hassle out of the shopping. We have a range of different items that can be personalised for any occasion, that unique touch is always going to be a winner.

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