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Is working from home really that great?

Is working from home really that great?

Since March 2020 we have been living in what seems like an artificial world, with lockdowns and restrictions in place and tens of thousands of people suddenly faced with working from home. But is working from home all it is cracked up to be? Do you get a sense of freedom from being your own boss, even if you work for someone else? Is it an easy transition to make and maintain when it is something you may have never done before?

How about all those people that were running their own business but who suddenly had to pivot in more directions than Ross’s sofa, was that easy? What happens next? As the world begins to open back up but we all remain vigilant of our health and the new risks around us do we simply return to normal or have we really created what so many call ‘the new normal’?

There are still so many questions and not nearly enough answers, the only thing for certain is that life must go on and we each need to find new ways to adapt and ultimately thrive in what I feel is a forever changed world.

Working from home whilst running your own business.

Running your own business can feel like a very lonely place even at the best of times. You become the person responsible for so much and if you employ other staff their welfare becomes your responsibility. You can easily find yourself lost in your own head space and then second guessing all of your decisions. Before you know you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.




So how do you stay sane and run a successful business? Here are my top 6 tips.

  1. Find like minded people that you can connect with and who can support your journey just as you can support theirs. A great way of doing this is to find groups in your local area or online that you can become a part of. I personally love being part of Mums In Business International, it offers me the opportunity to network and learn but also to just connect as a mum and businesswoman. There are lots of networking and support groups out there, so find one that works for you.
  2. Set actual working hours. Having boundaries is a good thing, although you might feel like your business needs you 24/7 but it really doesn’t. You won’t miss out on an order if you wait a few hours to respond to a message or email. In order to create balance you need time away from your business.
  3. Create a healthy routine. It can become far too easy to sit at your computer for hours on end without moving but that can be damaging for your overall health and for your posture. Try to get some exercise on a regular basis and if needs be then set an alarm so that you get up and spend a few minutes stretching and walking around each hour.
  4. Focus on the simple things. It can quite often be the smallest of things that make the biggest of differences. Eating a health balanced diet and drinking plenty of water can keep you feeling healthy from the inside out. Getting enough water can help prevent things like brain fog and headaches so keep a drink handy at all times. You can even grab a branded water bottle from our site to keep you on brand at all times.
  5. Remember not everything will work. There will be times when your plans don’t work out as you had hoped they would and that is absolutely okay. In those circumstances you just need to take a breather, review what happened, and then change your approach for next time.
  6. Get an accountability buddy. Having someone that you share your goals with can mean that they can help you to stay on track. It also gives you someone else to talk to other than just yourself!

What has really worked for alongside setting boundaries is finding those like-minded people that I can get to know and network with. Knowing that I am not alone and that others have similar problems and concerns has really helped me to keep perspective and not drive myself nuts.

Of course, there is also a flip side to working from home and to running your own business and it’s worth being able to remember those positives as well.

  1. Less time wasted travelling. This has to be one of my favourite things about working from home – less time travelling and no encountering road rage. That is a huge bonus.
  2. Save money on fuel or public transport. Now you might off set this slightly by having higher electric and water bills than if you were working at the office but you may still be in a winning situation.
  3. Choose your own work. Running your own business means that you get to choose who you actually want to work with. You can choose to work with incredible clients and hire other team members that compliment your style.
  4. Set your own hours. Just don’t go thinking that you can work two hours a week and still cover the bills, for most of us it doesn’t work that way, and of course if you are still employed by someone else then you need to fulfil your contracted hours.
  5. Be surrounded by your comforts. Grab that blanket if you’re feeling cold, make your favourite cup of nip, and nip to the kitchen for a snack when you need one.

Working from home isn’t for everyone, and there will be those out there that have been forced to do it through the pandemic who now can’t wait to get back into the office, and there are those of us who have thrived and now can’t imagine going back. However, you feel remember to be kind to yourself, and on the hard days remember those positives.