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Why personalised gifts are the BEST idea

Have you ever found yourself scrolling for hours on the internet looking for the perfect gift, but never finding exactly what you want? Or endlessly wandering in and out of shops, not really knowing what you are looking for but knowing that you haven’t found it yet? Buying gifts can be a stressful time, we all want to find that perfect little something, but more often than not we come away frustrated and empty handed. You just keep seeing the same old things when you want something a little different.

How about changing your viewpoint and making gift buying easier? What if you are the key to the perfect gift? Your knowledge and love of the person you are buying for is all that is needed, along with a little imagination and the right business to order from. What if you can get that something ‘different’, something just ‘perfect’, something that really matches the person you are buying for? Doesn’t that sound incredible.

What I’m talking about is personalised gifts!




What is a personalised gift?

A personalised gift is quite literally something where you have added a unique and personal touch to it. In years gone by this would have included having a person’s name or initials placed on an item, think back to monogramed handkerchiefs, pens with names on, briefcases with initials stamped on them etc. Nowadays though the list of what can be personalised and how you can personalise it is pretty endless thanks to advances in technology.


Photos can be printed on items or turned into jigsaw puzzles, you can create designs to be added to clothing, and mugs, notebooks, pens, water bottles, and phone cases can all be personalised, amongst many other items.

Personalised gifts are versatile and allow you to be creative and find exactly what you are looking for no matter what the occasion or who you are buying for.




10 reasons why personalised gifts are a must.

  1. Creating a personalised gift shows the recipient that you have put time and effort and a lot of thought into their gift. Gone are the days of generic gifts that could have been bought by anyone even if they barely knew the person.
  2. A personalised gift will be more memorable and will be treasured for a long time. It’s easy to forget who bought what when it’s all so similar but a personalised gift will stand out and be appreciated and remembered.
  3. Spending the time creating just the right design and then getting it made shows that you really know the person that you are buying for.
  4. You can design a gift that looks exactly the way you want it to. Whether it is a baby grow, a notebook, or a water bottle, you can be creative and decide how it should look.
  5. You can create a gift for anyone and for any occasion. No more feeling stuck buying for that awkward relative or the friend that seems to have everything. Instead, you can create a personalised item that they will love and treasure. Once you get brainstorming and thinking about what they like, or what would make them laugh, the ideas and options will soon come to you.
  6. You can be confident that no one else will be giving the same gift! Ever received the same birthday card multiple times? How about getting the same gift form more than one person? It can feel awkward to ask about exchanging one, with a personalised gift you do not have to worry about that.
  7. Rather than giving the same gifts year in year out or always reaching for the same stereotypical gifts, personalisation allows you to treat everyone as individuals and give different items making the receiver feel valued and loved.
  8. You can create a gift for literally any occasion, even if it isn’t widely recognised, or maybe it’s a gift for no other reason than that you want to be kind and show your appreciation to someone. This is the perfect way to do that.
  9. By creating a personalised gift, you can add a little flair and a touch of your own personality to it. It might even be that you start off a new tradition.
  10. Personalised gifts are extra special but do not have to carry an extra high price tag. Depending on what you want, personalised gifts are very competitively priced.

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t have to mean spending hours looking in the same old boring places. Change things up, use your imagination and create the perfect gift.